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Güglingen Here and Now

Güglingen with its “satellite“ villages of Eibensbach and Frauenzimmern lies in the Zabergäu about 20 km west of Heilbronn, and 50 km north of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden- Württemberg.

The population of Güglingen is at this time (31.12.2012) exactly 6.011 residents. Around 2500 jobs are offered in companies well-known beyond the region, some even world-wide.    

In the last 50 years, this former small agricultural town has developed enormously in terms of infrastructure, education and industry. Culturally, Güglingen has much to offer.

Not only through its many clubs, but also the constantly changing revues and cabaret in the Kulturflirt in the Ratshöfle, as well as theatre and concerts in the Herzogskelter.

Indeed one constantly meets culture and art in Güglingen through permanent art exhibitions with modern artists, and the unique Palmtuch hanging in the Mauritius Church . Visitors are welcome to come and view. 
Viticulture also plays an important role in the culture of Güglingen. The wine growers founded a co-operative in1951, and have belonged to the Vintners of Güglingen-Cleebronn since then.

The excellent wines they produce can be tasted not only in the local restaurants, but also on special occasions from the wine fountain, where Trollinger with Lemberger (red) and Riesling (white) flow directly from the fountain itself.
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The present town of Güglingen with Eibensbach and Frauenzimmern was created through municipal reform.
Frauenzimmern voluntarily became part of Güglingen in 1971, and Eibensbach through reform laws of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg in 1976.     

Güglingen (historical note)

Güglingen was first documented in 1188 and received official Town Rights in 1295. The population up to 31.12.2012 was exactly 4.143.
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Eibensbach (historical note)

Eibensbach received its first official documentation in 1380. Lying south of Güglingen, there is a population to date of 906  (31.12.2012).
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Frauenzimmern (historical note)

Frauenzimmern is the oldest part of Güglingen. The first documentation was in 794. The population up to 31.12.2012 was 962.
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Aerial view of Güglingen
Aerial view of Güglingen
The emblem of Güglingen
The emblem of Güglingen
The emblem of Eibensbach
The emblem of Eibensbach
The emblem of Frauenzimmern
The emblem of Frauenzimmern

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